Virtual desktops: Make everyone's life a little easier.

What if you could reduce the total cost ownership for your technology? So your software and your hardware had a longer shelf life? And what if both were also easier to maintain? (We're talking much easier!) So rather than having to individually upgrade a software program on each person's laptop, you could update everyone's software all at once and be done? And what if, besides extending your technology's shelf life and making it much easier to maintain, you could give your users a super convenient way to access all of their applications and data from any device at any location?

With virtual desktops, you can.


Preferred's desktop virtualization solutions allow you to host a desktop operating system within a virtual machine running on a secured and centralized server. This IT-friendly infrastructure helps your organization:

  • Reduce operating costs by being able to upgrade operating systems and stream applications without having to upgrade or replace legacy applications
  • Streamline desktop management and control by having one central location where upgrades and changes take place
  • Provide the convenience and security of virtual desktops to remote workers and business partners from any device at any location

We can make getting there a snap.

Creating a virtual desktop infrastructure isn't the kind of project you want to tackle on your own. You want someone who's been down this road enough times to know which avenues are the smartest route to take and which ones could lead to trouble. Our virtualization specialists are ready to take the wheel. They've logged the miles and can map out the right virtualization strategy for your business. One that gives your users anytime and anywhere access to all of their applications and data. And makes managing your technology easier and more efficient.

Virtual Servers: Get more bang for your technology buck!

Imagine buying a pickup truck with a V8 motor but only being able to use one cylinder. Of course you would feel like you aren't getting your money's worth. If your business isn't taking advantage of virtual servers, it's like your hardware is only flexing part of its muscle. That's because today's robust servers only operate at about 5 to 15 percent of their total capacity. Which means up to 90 percent of the hardware potential is wasted and not being used.

With virtual servers, you can run more than one server on the same piece of hardware and manage multiple servers from a central location. That gives you much more bang for your buck. And there are other advantages:

  • Lower energy costs: Powering and cooling servers takes a lot of energy. In fact, many businesses spend as much on energy for their data centers as they do on hardware, according to technology research firm Gartner Inc. Every virtual server delivers an 80 percent reduction in total energy costs on average.
  • Less hardware demands: Server virtualization reduces hardware costs by 50 percent. This combined with lower energy costs saves businesses $3,000 a year for every server that they consolidate. Firms can reduce the number and types of servers by 10 to 1.
  • Simplify server management: Easily evaluate software in ready-to-run virtual machines without installation and configuration. Simplify IT testing of patches, new applications and operating systems by allowing systems administrators to test in a secure virtual machine environment.
  • Save on software costs: Re-host legacy operating systems in a virtual machine running on new hardware and operating system.
  • Take advantage of pre-built technology: Leverage pre-built, ready-to-run virtual appliances that include virtual hardware, operating system and application environments.

Our systems engineers can tailor you the perfect fit.

Like most network-related activities, virtualizing your servers takes a fair share of experience. That's where our been-there/done-that systems engineers come in. They'll assess your current network and create a virtualization design that's sized to fit your number of users, amount of data and the type of applications you use.

Reach out to us and our consultants will get back to you immediately.