Managed Cloud Services: Efficiency Without Limits

The word "cloud" sure does get thrown around a lot these days in technology. A simple search engine inquiry yields nearly 1 million results. Now that's overwhelming. Preferred's Managed Cloud Services actually are designed to be just the opposite for your organization. They cut through the clutter to give you everything you need, when you need – simply and securely.

The best part is you only pay for what you use each month just like a common utility. That means you can store your information and stay current on the latest hardware and software applications without ever touching your capital.

Here's why we see more organizations looking to the cloud:

  • Keep your cash: This technology service gives even very small organizations the hardware and software they need on a pay-as-you-go basis. Licenses for the products are included in the per user fee.
  • Scale as you need: You gain full access to the entire suite of business-ready Microsoft Office applications and other common software hosted through our data center and can expand or contract the services you're using each month based on your growth or seasonal effects.
  • Reduce costs: The actual cost of technology exceeds its upfront costs by 2-3 times, but you don't have to worry about that with Preferred's Managed Cloud Services. Preferred bundles Managed IT Services into our cloud services so you always have the help you need.
  • Security: Our Managed Cloud Services provide protection to help prevent spam and malware. We also offer e-mail retention for compliance, policy-based e-mail encryption, and multi-layer spam and virus protection to keep your e-mail communication safe and secure.
Preferred Business Solutions Cloud Services Infographic

10 Benefits of Private Cloud Services

  • Network Availability: Less network downtime, infrastructure is hosted in co-locations for increased reliability
  • Cost Savings: Reduced cost on network infrastructure and capital costs. Minimal hardware storage equipment and unlimited capacity increases and decreases painlessly
  • Staff Time Saving: Using cloud services frees up I.T. staff members. This allows them to focus on managing and troubleshooting local equipment.
  • No Physical Storage Space: Cloud storage has no physical presence. This leaves valuable free space for other business requirements.
  • Minimize Software Licensing Costs: Hosted servers and workstations allow you to use only the licenses you require. No need to have spare licenses handy.
  • Data Retention: Satisfy company retention policies for less.
  • Disaster Recovery: Data stored using cloud services is protected. In the event of a data disaster, recovery is just moments away.
  • Redundancy: Our private cloud services are hosted in multiple data centers. If one data center goes down, the others immediately pick up the slack.
  • Globalize Your Workforce: Cloud hosted data can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a network connection.
  • Security: Data is heavily encrypted with our cloud services. The number of laptops stolen each year is rising. Ensure that no unauthorized individuals have access to your data.

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